Failed every diet known to man?

Have a hate/hate relationship with the gym?

Can't find your car keys?


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
–Winston Churchill

I help women who have tried every diet known to (wo)man find their healthy weight and optimal wellness. Taking into account your personal likes/dislikes, strengths, and life circumstances we build your optimal wellness lifestyle.

Together we focus on optimizing health, longevity and wellness through lifestyle design.  Collaborating together and using the principles of lifestyle design we run targeted small experiments in your daily life to create an optimally healthy lifestyle. Each 5% change builds on itself to culminate in your optimal wellness vision for yourself.

Tamala Duran, A-CFHC

Client Story

"Throughout my mental health/self-care journey I have tried therapy, meditation, nutritional plans, fitness programs and various apps. All of these experiences were fine but never stuck nor did they make much of an impact. I felt like there was always something missing.

Thankfully I found Tamala and began working with her as a health coach. Tamala coaches me on life as it happens. We work on my nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management based on what I need that week.

Tamala listens with attention to what I am struggling with or what I want to improve in my life and then helps me make a plan of attack to actually do something about it. She takes my problem, breaks it down into manageable chunks and gives me reasonable strategies for managing it.

Tamala helps me set goals or ‘experiments’ for the week that focus on the aspect of health I want to work on. We reflect on the ‘experiment’ successes and make a plan to continue embedding it into my daily routine or identify the barriers that hindered my success and plan for overcoming them the following week.

Tamala has helped make the chaos of everyday life calmer, intentional and consistent."
Megan B.
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