Work With Me

Tamala in the kitchen
Tamala Duran, A-CFHC

Have you tried every diet? Gone down every rabbit hole? Enrolled in program after program and nothing has worked?  

Here is how I can help.

Together we find out all about YOU – what you like, what you dislike, what you’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t work and what you want for your life.

From there we change your habits one by one to bring you to your place of Optimal Wellness.  With a highly individualized approach we design your Skinny Life Field Manual for a happy, healthy you.

As a Functional Health Coach I will guide you through all four pillars of your health – Nutrition, Movement, Sleep & Stress Management – and together we will design a life that promotes health and wellness, and a thinner you.

Step 1: Schedule a 20 minute FREE consultation where we discuss your goals and determine if we are a good fit for each other. This is a no strings attached meeting – just kicking tires (as it were.) Price: Free

Step 2: When you’re ready to start creating the life of your dreams – Schedule a 60 min. initial appointment.  This is where we will dig deep and explore the vision you have for your life and set some initial goals. Price: $98.00

Step 3: Ongoing 30-minute coaching calls.  These can be weekly or every other week.  During these calls we’ll start tackling your goals one by one by setting up short lifestyle experiments to move you in the direction of your dreams. Price: $49.00.  For more complex or less frequent calls we can also schedule a 45-minute coaching call. Price: $73.50.

Pro Bono:
As this work is my passion I do reserve several spots for clients who, for whatever reason, are unable to pay for coaching at this time. Please reach out to me directly via to discuss.

Credentials: I am a Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Kresser Institute ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC).