Optimal Wellness Field Manual

You Know How We Always Joke That Kids Don't Come With Instructions Manuals?
This is YOUR Instruction Manual

“A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.”
 —General George S. Patton

Optimal Wellness Planner & Field Guide
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This is your own personal instruction manual.  In it you define what ACTUALLY WORKS for YOU!  It takes into account your likes, your dislikes and your personal unique biology.

In this manual you define your healthy life operating instructions.  You also define your emergency procedures for when things go sideways.

This manual contains the “Operating Procedures” for making decisions out in the real world. 

For example: Rule # 1: Severely limit or eliminate industrial seed oils. Why? Industrial seed oils bring inflammation and toxicity.  What is the #1 marker of disease? Inflammation.

Bit by bit, step by step, we design those guiding principles that translate into your version of Optimal Wellness.

A life that shows up as a healthy weight, someone who sleeps well and enjoys good nutrition and movement habits

This is a highly individualized pursuit.  Everyone doesn’t love Crossfit, everyone doesn’t love liver, everyone doesn’t love meditating.  We are all different, we all have our likes and dislikes – and that’s okay!  We can find those habits that fulfill us and support our highest good, our best health.  

It’s a process to discover.  It’s a series of experiments to find what fits for YOU and what doesn’t.

That’s what the Optimal Wellness Daily Planner & Field Manual is all about.

It also encompasses Emergency Rip-Cord Procedures.  You’ve reached your goal weight, everything is going well, then BAM 5 extra pounds.  This section calls out those emergency procedures you implement at very specific trigger points.

For example – you’ve found yourself 5 pounds heavier after working so hard to finally achieve your goal weight.  What do you do?  Lament, stress eat, ignore it?  Nope.  You have already developed your own, personal, emergency rip-cord procedures.  Maybe you institute intermittent fasting and an elevated program of self-care.  Maybe you add a mile to your run and start tracking your food.  Maybe you delve into your stress eating behaviors with your counselor and re-double your efforts to eat mindfully.  It’s up to you –  but it’s something you’ve already considered and tried and when your scale  says “x” those procedures are implemented.

Gone are the days of losing and gaining and losing and gaining.  We got this!


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